Swift by name, Swift by nature Part 2: Swiftly does it

So after fizzbuzz, I decided to try out creating an app based on a concept I thought up during a brainstorming session with other members of my cohort at Makers Academy.

The Problem:

While travelling I would want to know touristic information about the site I was at.

The App:

I found Wikipedia has an API; which will return you a list of URLs nearby when supplied latitude and longitude.

Swift provides fairly straightforward access to the devices GPS location (although it will ask permission the first time its run)

Putting those two things together and returning just the first result as a URL I was then able to do something with it…

A simple webview provides the actual page from Wikipedia, this is currently the desktop version, but I would like to progress this in the future to be the mobile version which would be better suited to the iPhone.

The Result:

Github Repo: https://github.com/sultanhq/wikihere



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