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So my next foray into hardware is to make a device which notifies me if my home mailbox has had anything put in it.

I had previously worked on a proof of concept for a multiplayer game device using a Nordic Semiconductors nRF24L01+ device, this little guy is great for simple data transmission with built-in error handling and a relatively large range.

For controlling and processing the messages I used Arduino’s (in the concept an Arduino Pro Mini) these can run at 3.3 volts happily at 8mhz which is great due to the Nordic’s max input voltage of 3.6v

To ensure that I had the hardware working 100% I setup using on of the examples provided by the library, where one device sends a string and the other outputs the message to the console.


So with this working, I then took to hacking the code up, removing all the non-essential parts and splitting it into two separate projects, a TX and an RX ( My Repo here (work in progress) ).

After a few minutes I ended up with this simple output from the base receiver:

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 16.05.17

See More in part two


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