Control Freak

I’ve been running the Domoticz open source home automation system in my house for the last two years now and I think its great, all of my major light switches have been replaced with switches from LightwaveRF, these switches are designed in the UK and out of all of the wireless switches I have seen on the market these are the best looking with a relatively low price point and good functionality.

The system is currently running on a Raspberry Pi 2, which is more than capable for the requirements of Domoticz. it is connected to an RF transceiver from RFXCOM which allows it not only communicate with the LightwaveRF switches, it is able to communicate with almost any RFswitch/ controller that operates on the 433mhz frequency.

But now enter into the foray a newer more powerful Pi 3… the higher processing capacity allows it to take on more complex tasks, of which one, in particular, comes to mind, Amazon’s Alexa voice service.

This service was originally available only on “Echo” devices and has been made available to download for other platforms including of course the Pi.

To get Alexa onto a Pi is a fairly straight forward affair, get an Amazon Developer account, create an Alexa service, clone the repo and setup and withing an hour you can be talking with your Pi.

hello computer

Fortunately, I didn’t end up shouting at a screen, it worked! I got Alexa telling me what the weather was like and that the cake is not a lie.

The next challenge is to build an interface between Alexa and my home automation system.


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