Phasers on stunning

So, I took a visit to a tech company the other week and while discussing the role they had to offer, Phaser was mentioned, it is an HTML5 framework that is for Canvas and WebGL.

Upon further inspection after my visit, I found that Phaser is written in Javascript and works with many other libraries… This set-off alarm bells in my brain! it was offering something that I had been looking for, for ages to allow me to further develop the Hardware project that I had as my final project at Makers Academy.

The Cube (GitHub link) is a six-sided LED cube which is controlled by a raspberry pi 3 inside it. The brief was to design a product which was interactive, decorative and customisable. This was something our team managed to create in two weeks and while we found the project challenging, the one thing that held us back was time, we wanted to implement games on the cube, but the time constraints meant creating a game for the cube impossible due us to having to create logic, physics, and an interface.

This is where Phaser comes in… because the cube’s panels are driven by ‘divs’ inside a browser, a Phaser game can be placed in one of these, after a couple of days following a tutorial, I was able to get a running game of pong on a panel being control by a keyboard plugged into the Pi.

The next step was proper control of the game i.e. from a mobile phone web app.

This will come in the next instalment of “Phasers on stunning”


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